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Article Title: How to Let Learners Make Mistakes in eLearning

Publication: Integrated Learnings: eLearning

Summary: Research about informal workplace learning frequently describes learning from mistakes as a typical and effective method of informal learning. This article suggests ways that eLearning can allow learners to make mistakes during training and help them learn from those experiences.

Nudge learners to assess their learning by prompting them to answer a scenario-based question. After submitting the answer, an initial round of feedback might suggest a couple of factors learners should have considered when responding, and then ask them to assess whether their responses were on the right track. Then, the training can provide an opportunity to modify their responses or continue, allowing learners to reflect on their learning and potentially recognize mistakes in their initial responses.

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Article Title: Teach Learners to Use Job Aids

Publication: Integrated Learnings: eLearning

Summary: Many organizations have job aids available in a company intranet or performance support system to help employees perform job tasks. This article makes a case for designing eLearning that trains learners on how to use job aids rather than solely focusing on the tasks themselves.

It’s consistent with how we learn. The January/February issue of Scientific American Mind described the Google effect of how people learn. In short, research suggests that the internet has changed the way our brains store information – instead of remembering the information itself, we’ve become programmed to remember how to access information for future reference.

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Article Title: eLearning as Part of an Informal Learning Strategy

Publication: Integrated Learnings: eLearning

Summary: This article introduces the concept of informal learning and suggests ideas for how to design eLearning to support informal learning in the workplace. Exploration of the topic takes place in the context of broadly accepted learning models and theories, such as Gagne’s nine events of instruction.

A five-minute eLearning lesson is unlikely to work through all nine events in a meaningful way. But, if eLearning is just one part of an informal learning experience, then learners will probably experience those events through other means. For instance, if I’m seeking information about something, the informal learning experience already: (1) has my attention, (2) is aimed at some objective, and (3) has probably prompted me to recall prior knowledge, which likely led me to the point where I’m encountering the short eLearning lesson and deciding whether to complete it.

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Article TitleFactors that Influence Informal Learning in the Workplace (link connects to article abstract)

Publication: Journal of Workplace Learning

Summary: This study investigated factors that influence informal learning in the workplace and the types of informal learning activities people engage in at work. More specifically, the research examined: the relationship between informal learning engagement and the presence of learning organization characteristics; and perceived factors that affect informal learning engagement.

This research paper received an Outstanding Paper Award at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2009.

Citation: Berg, S. A., & Chyung, S. Y. (2008). Factors that influence informal learning in the workplace. The Journal of Workplace Learning, 20(4), 229-244.

Note: Co-authored with Seung Youn (Yonnie) Chyung and published under my maiden name, Berg.

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