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Article Title: 10 Factors that Affect Learning

Publication: InternetCE blog (insurance continuing education)

Summary: From lifestyle to momentary circumstance, many types of factors affect our ability to learn new information. Not all are easy to control; however, knowing what what those factors are can help you get the most out of a course or other learning experience. This article explains ten factors that affect learning and offers advice on how to positively influence each.

Take frequent breaks. With a busy schedule, it can be tempting to plow through an online course as quickly as possible. But if you’re skimming the content and clicking ahead quickly, how much can you really expect to remember later? If you genuinely want to learn, slow down your pace and take frequent breaks. The breaks allow time to process segments of new information and help keep you attentive.

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Article Title: Multitasking Hurts Your Learning

Publication: InternetCE blog (insurance continuing education)

Summary: Multitasking is pervasive in our society, regardless of who you are – office worker, stay-at-home parent, or a sixth grader. It has captured the interest of the scientific community, inspiring numerous studies on the effects and effectiveness of multitasking. This article summarizes that research and offers tips for avoiding multitasking pitfalls while completing an online course.

Allow yourself to check messages at specified intervals. So close your email and silence your phone, but allow yourself to take a break from your online course to check them periodically. One of the best advantages of online learning is that you can take a break whenever you need to, because you set the pace!

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