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Article Title: 4 Reasons We Procrastinate – And What You Can Do about It

Publication: InternetCE (insurance continuing education)

Summary: Procrastination is one of those things we’re all guilty of from time to time…and some more frequently than others.  Despite the fact that keeping up with insurance continuing education credits is critical for many insurance professionals, this training often falls victim to procrastination. Why do we do it? This article explains four common reasons that people put off their continuing education and how to overcome them.

Some people enjoy the thrill of sprinting to get something done at the last minute. Regardless of your ability to perform other tasks in a pinch, experts agree that we just don’t learn well that way. Cramming doesn’t work, because the brain is only capable of processing a limited amount of information at a time. That’s why taking periodic breaks during a course can actually help us retain more.

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