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Article TitleHow Should Organizational Leaders Use Employee Engagement Survey Data? (link connects to article abstract)

Publication: Performance Improvement Journal

Summary: This evaluation study explores how a nonprofit health insurance provider responds to the results of its annual employee engagement survey. The study answers two questions: (a) What do organizational leaders do with the data collected? and (b) How do leaders perceive the usefulness of the survey? It provides study results, discussions, and recommendations relevant to human performance technology practitioners, to help maximize the value of an organizational survey by increasing its usefulness as a catalyst for change.

Comments: I think almost every company I’ve worked for has conducted some kind of employee engagement or employee satisfaction survey.

Some organizations do all they can to communicate the results of the survey to its workforce and highlight positive changes that come as a result. Other organizations seem to let the survey slip off the radar, leaving employees to wonder whether their voice was heard. Skeptical employees even wonder whether the survey is worth their time to complete.

I opted for applied research when I chose my thesis study topic for my master’s degree. The study investigated how a non-profit health insurance company uses the results of its employee engagement survey and why. The article published in this month’s Performance Improvement Journal is an abridged report of this study.

Note: This article is co-authored with my thesis committee.

Click here to view the full article abstract from the Performance Improvement Journal site.

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